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Assisting Reps

Assisting Reps

CONTRAK’s information is designed to highlight the industry’s reps. Hundreds of reps have benefited by obtaining a new line, establishing their initial line package when starting a new firm, or perhaps regrouping after a major line loss.  We are not recruiters and do not “broker deals” – but we do try to serve the industry as an information clearinghouse. 

We assist the rep community with a two prong approach: 

Being in the database:  This is free to all reps and is the core of our program.  We invite any rep firm specific to office / institutional furnishings to participate.  Our short, six question RepProfile questionnaire focuses on a rep’s specialties, strengths and preferences. 

LineSearch, communicating rep opportunities:   LineSearch is our optional e-publication that is sent directly to the VP Sales or National Sales Manager of over 400 contract manufacturers, all of whom use independent reps.  It is exclusively for reps that are looking for lines or just want to promote their firm in general.  LineSearch is complimentary to the sales managers, thus insuring 100% industry inclusion.  There are no articles --- just reps conveying their message.  Since it is free to the manufacturers, the rep does pay for the ad, but it is very reasonably priced and highly effective for many reps.