Contrak, llc

Assisting Manufacturers



Depending on a client’s specific needs, budget and time constraints, CONTRAK offers a menu of services and programs:

Ø  RepSource Report – CONTRAK’s original and most popular product includes a comprehensive RepProfile of every rep firm* in a specified geographic sales territory.   The proprietary data includes the firm’s contact information, their principal lines, and insight into their firm and specialty such as their call mix between A&D, dealer and end-user or preferred market segments such as healthcare or education.

Ø  FASTrak Survey – a detailed and comprehensive market research project that pre-qualifies and develops a short list of interested and available reps along with a complete analysis of the reps in that market.

Ø  SelectRep – a limited number of preselected RepProfiles that meet a client’s basic criteria.

Ø RepSearch Communiqué:  If an advertising approach is favored, whereby the sales manager simply wants the rep community at large to know about their opportunity, we offer RepSearch Communiqué, a dedicated and targeted e-blast sent directly to the owner / principal of every rep firm in a specific sales territory.  The entire copy is the advertising manufacturer’s message and interested reps contact the sales manager directly.  As opposed to multi-ad trade publications, the focus is on that single message

Ø  RepSurvey – a custom designed, non-biased qualitative research survey utilizing individual phone interviews, of a client’s rep force to solicit their opinions on the manufacturer’s performance, branding, and market image. 

ØLineSearch – our free e-publication of reps looking for lines that is sent only to sales managers.

*   CONTRAK continually researches the market to identify the industry’s reps. There may be some reps that have not yet been identified and are not in the database at the time of printing the hard-copy reports.  CONTRAK’s data is derived directly from the contributing reps